Division of Information Technology

Services provided by the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) at CSU

Categories (7)

Communication and Collaboration

IT services that facilitate institutional communication and collaboration needs.

Desktop and Mobile Computing

Services that support access and use of community members’ devices and related peripherals.

Information Security

Services that provide security, data integrity, and compliance for institutional activities.


Foundational services that support the operation and management of the enterprise IT environment.

IT Professional Services

People-based services that support the management of IT for the institution.


Services supporting the institution’s research activities.

Teaching and Learning

Services providing instructional technology and resources directly supporting teaching and learning.

Services (10)

Applications Manager (AppMan) Scheduling (EIS)

Choose this service for scheduling requests, like requesting on demand jobs or altering when a job runs (calendars or holding a job for some reason)

Applications Manager (AppMan) Support (EIS)

Choose this service for any changes to the Application Manager process flows

Boomi Services (EIS)

Use this service if you require Boomi development or sub-account support

Data Warehouse Services

Choose this service to request changes to ODS tables/views

Electronic Forms Support (EIS)

Choose this service for support related to our electronic forms platform known as "Dynamic Forms"

Human Resources and Payroll Services

Choose this service to request work from the H.R. team in DoIT

Kuali (KFS) Services

Choose this service to request work from the KFS team for changes to KFS

Password Reset/Locked Out of a System/System Down

Database or Systems Password Reset, locked out of a system or a system is down.

Student Information Systems

Choose this service for changes to the Student Information Systems System – Central Student System

Web Development Services (EIS)

Request any changes to following: Web applications supported by EIS including: Data Access Request, FAMweb, and RAMmobile